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Fix the Root -Not the Symptoms!!

What is the most recent problem you've had to deal with? Is this something you've heard before? Is it possible that you're going through this yet again?

It's the same problem disguised as a different person, a different reason, and a somewhat different setting - but at its core, it's most likely the same problem that has cropped up for years.

Have you asked yourself why you keep attracting the same sort of pattern into your life?

Compare your relationships to the ones you had or observed during your childhood and youth. Are they like those that your parents or those around you had with each other and with you and your siblings?

Do you find yourself falling back into the same bad eating habits? Do you find that no matter what you do, your body image difficulties persist? When you were younger, how did you feel about food? Were you able to get meals on a regular basis? Did your parent or caregiver regularly criticize their own or your own body?

Rather than blaming others, when you ask these questions, you delve deeper into understanding these patterns to help you break these behaviors and actions for good.

Your parents and caregivers were completely unaware of the harm they are doing to you by failing to manage their own emotions and mental health concerns.

Pause and take a few seconds the next time you find yourself indulging in one of those routines you've sworn off a hundred times. Sit down and write what's going on.

When you put your thoughts on paper, you could be surprised and shocked at what you discover and what you’ve overlooked.

Finding the source of your difficulties is a difficult process. It may be excruciatingly painful and emotionally draining.

But when you work on them, they can release you to be the best you.

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