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Unlock Deeper Insight Through Family Dynamics & Hypnotherapy!

Have you ever felt like there were aspects of your personality or behaviour that you just couldn't explain? Maybe certain patterns in your life seem to keep repeating themselves without any clear reason why?

At Sixthsense By Deb, we believe that many of these unresolved questions may be rooted in our family systems.

Through techniques like Family Constellation Therapy and Hypnotherapy, it is possible to gain insight into the dynamics within our families and access the subconscious mind for greater self-understanding.

Family Constellation Therapy:

Family Constellation Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that explores hidden loyalties and entanglements within the family system. This therapeutic approach assumes that past events from previous generations can impact current relationships between individuals.

By working with a trained therapist in this modality, clients are able to identify unconscious beliefs or assumptions they have about themselves rooted within their family systems. They learn how those beliefs have influenced their behaviour over time as well as develop new strategies for breaking negative thought patterns or behaviours if needed.It allows them an opportunity to explore conflicts within their familial history which might still be impacting them subconsciously today.


Hypnotherapy is another powerful tool used by therapists around the world. It involves guiding individuals into a state of deep relaxation where they become more receptive to positive suggestions aimed at changing negative thoughts/behaviours while accessing memories stored deep inside one’s own psyche.

Through Hypnotherapy sessions guided by trained practitioners, it's possible for clients to unlock insights about themselves that were previously inaccessible due to conscious blocks created over time.This enables them understand better what drives some specific behaviours /thoughts etc., giving clarity & direction forward towards personal growth & development.

Together, Family Constellation Therapy & Hypnotherapy offer clients unique opportunities for gaining deeper insight into themselves through exploration of family dynamics as well as accessing the subconscious mind for greater self-understanding.

By working through past traumas or unresolved issues within the family system, clients can develop new ways of relating to themselves and others. They learn how these experiences may have shaped their lives in ways they never realized before. This leads to personal growth that can help them move forward towards a more fulfilling future based on better understanding of themselves & their history.

Overall, exploring family dynamics and accessing the subconscious mind through hypnosis are powerful tools that offer unique opportunities for individuals seeking deeper self-insight.

By unlocking hidden patterns within our psyche, we can break free from limiting beliefs and behaviours while developing new strategies for positive change in all areas of life.

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