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Choose to be the Star!

In the movies, there are the Lead Actors and then there are the others.

Who are you in your own movie? The Hero, the Leading Lady, or the Extra?

If you want to achieve your life goals, you must fully commit to them and be the Star of your own movie.

In terms of achieving your life objectives, how committed are you to making sure that you achieve them?

I'm guessing you're not running at full capacity and that you're occasionally, if not frequently, playing the Extra in what feels like someone else's film.

You can’t allow things to happen to you or be a victim of your circumstances. No events or external conditions should keep you from looking and seeing opportunities.

The most powerful thing you can do for your life is to accept complete responsibility.

Deal with the difficulties, trauma, struggles, and darkness that may be challenging you. Heal the part of you that is hurt and develop, evolve, and become the Hero of your own life.

Today is the day YOU rewrite the script.

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