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From Trapped to Transformed: Using Hypnotherapy For Long-Term Healing from Trauma

Trauma is a complex issue that can have long-lasting effects on mental health. While there are many different approaches to treating trauma, Hypnotherapy has shown promise as valuable tool for helping individuals process and heal from traumatic experiences.

Through Hypnotherapy, individuals are guided into deep relaxation where they become are open to positive suggestions. In the hypnotic state, the individual is more open to exploring their subconscious mind, which can help them uncover underlying issues related to their traumatic experience.

During a session, the therapist will use specific language patterns and techniques designed to bring about positive change in the client’s thoughts, feelings or behaviours. The ultimate goal of both Hypnotherapy and Family Constellations is to help clients achieve greater self-awareness & empower them with tools needed for personal growth & development.

So, how can Hypnotherapy help you with trauma healing?

When a person goes through a traumatic experience, it is stored deeply in their subconscious mind. This means that even if they are not actively thinking about it, the trauma can still impact them causing anxiety, depression, fear and more. Hypnotherapy offers an avenue to access this deeper part of our minds where these memories reside and gain insight into how past events affect current reactions.

Under the guidance of a trained Hypnotherapist, the sessions allow individuals suffering from PTSD or other forms of trauma to process what happened without feeling overwhelmed or re-traumatised. In fact, hypnotherapy empowers clients by offering them an opportunity to take control over negative emotions & feelings instead of being controlled by them.

Moreover, a hypnotic regression therapy session can be used to help people connect their present-day experiences with past life memories which may be contributing to current issues and patterns of behaviour. This approach has shown promising results.

Hypnotherapy for trauma healing offers numerous benefits to clients, including an increased sense of empowerment and control over their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Additionally, hypnosis provides a safe space where individuals can explore difficult emotions without feeling overwhelmed or re-traumatised.

Other potential advantages of this therapy include:

  • Reduction in symptoms related to anxiety & depression

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Increase in self-esteem & confidence levels

  • Better emotional regulation leading to improved relationships with others

It is important to note that while hypnotherapy may not work for everyone and cannot be considered a one-size-fits-all approach , there have been reports from many individuals who have undergone this form of therapy and experienced significant improvements in their mental health.

If you are experiencing mental health challenges related to the long-term effects of trauma, hypnotherapy can be an effective tool for processing and healing from your traumatic experiences. By booking a session at Sixthsense by Deb, you will learn how to access deeper levels of consciousness and regain control over negative emotions/feelings.

By empowering yourself towards greater personal growth & development through guided

sessions, you may experience a reduction in anxiety/depression symptoms, improved sleep quality ,increased self-confidence& better relationships with others . With these potential benefits on offer, it is definitely worth exploring whether this unique form therapy could help improve your mental wellbeing.

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