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So many of you play small because you’re scared.

Scared that you will be judged if you do or say anything wrong.

But instead of being scared, you need to act.

Most of you are struggling because you have lost touch with who you are.

I was there after I moved. Moved countries, moved homes, and moved in my career.

So, I know what it feels like when you say you don't feel like you belong. That you don’t know who is out there to support you, so you don’t feel safe to take action.

However, you can start by

· Being true to yourself

· Taking risks and being brave.

· Allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

· Being defiant

· Taking action towards your goals.

· Stepping into your power.

Try and –

· Find a book about personal growth and read it.

· Take a class or learn something new that interests you.

· Build and connect with like-minded individuals in your area.

What would you do if you KNEW that you were meant to be successful?

Close your eyes and face your fears.

Each one of us are put to the test so go ahead and Take that step.

Each one of us has made mistakes so Don’t sit on the side lines.

You are here to realize your full potential, so dream big and take that step into action. You are here to be the best version of YOU!!!

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