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The Power to Make A Choice

Do you know that one of the main reasons we don’t achieve the goals we set ourselves – losing weight, getting ahead at work, improving a relationship –is not just because we don’t take action. It because there is something that is getting in the way.

We need to deal with the stress and anxiety holding us back- that is causing us to overeat, procrastinate and that gets us caught in the cycle of overthinking and worrying over things that really don’t matter.

But your success, therefore, really begins with dealing the reasons both conscious and unconscious that are causing you to delay taking action on where you want to be.

Anxiety can make you think that you lack the ability to do something. However, you have within you enormous potential for success and happiness. There is likely nothing but an irrational fear keeping you from achieving it.

Saying to yourself that you have a choice in any situation might make you realize that what you thought was a genuine constraint is actually just a mental block you have created for yourself.

The power to decide what you do and don’t do really is yours. And when your mind create scenario where you are always thinking I can’t, it’s easy to lose sight of that fact.

Your job is to take a look at what you have said that you can't do and evaluate it - is it true that you can't do it, or is it that there is fear holding you back.

This shift that begins as a belief that there is little you can do to affect your situation, becomes a powerful declaration that you always have a choice in every situation in every part of your life.


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